Other Projects

I’ve done several related projects for the DC Historic Preservation Office over the years. I worked up a couple of map-based neighborhood histories for them: one of Brightwood and one of Tenleytown. These were developed as Powerpoint presentations and the text is not included here. I have presented the Tenleytown show to the Tenleytown Historical Society and would be happy to present either one to your group.


A slide from my Brightwood History powerpoint presentation showing the oldest house in the North Brightwood subdivision.

I made a neighborhood map which can be seen in the Ward 1 Heritage Guide and contributed several maps to the Ward 4 Heritage Guide and the Ward 5 Heritage Guide, as seen below.


My use of GIS to survey buildings proved efficient and accurate, so after we made the Building Permits Database HPO had me survey or re-survey most of the city’s historic districts and map them. I was surprised to find that a survey of the buildings in the sprawling Capitol Hill Historic District, for instance, had never been done. My survey work is discussed in this video of my presentation at Mount Vernon in 2016.


This is typical of the maps I made for the DC Historic Preservation office while surveying or re-surveying the city’s historic districts.

This process brought new insights into long-existing historic districts and allowed HPO to better communicate the histories and necessities associated with these areas. Typical maps created during this process are shown above and below.


This map, showing contributing and non-contributing buildings in the Shaw Historic Districts helps HPO communicate with the public.