Mapping Segregation

I conceived the Mapping Segregation in Washington DC project and co-founded it in 2014 with my friends and colleagues at PrologueDC. Mapping Segregation documents the history of racial segregation in the nation’s capital.


A snip from the story map, “Legal Challenges to Racially Restrictive Covenants”

Segregation is about spaces, among other things, which means that our understanding of the subject is greatly enhanced through geospatial analysis. While I could never fully understand, let alone explain, the other factors and components of racial segregation, I knew I could contribute to our understanding of the subject through this sort of geospatial documentation and storytelling.


I made many static maps for PrologueDC, and two story maps which are available at the project site. For the time being they are generously hosted by my former employer, The JMT Technology Group.

Legal Challenges to Racially Restrictive Covenants

How Racially Restricted Housing Shaped Ward 4



Mara and Sarah at PrologueDC are the subject-matter experts. They now have the institutional partner that they have needed to map their data and host their products. I am no longer involved with the project.


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