My work falls into two categories: creating value-added historical resources and historical storytelling using story maps, and occupies the continuum that lies between. My first such project was audacious in scope and was a strictly value-added effort. In retrospect it is somewhat unbelievable that I started this phase of my professional life with the unprecedented

DC Historical Building Permits Database.

Because I was gathering so much data that was screaming to be mapped, I learned GIS. And so the Permits Database evolved into


I deal mostly with the built environment, but thought that theĀ application of GIS would enlighten on another aspect of the city’s history, so I co-founded

Mapping Segregation in Washington DC.

Along the way, the DC Historic Preservation Office wanted me to do some other

Historical GIS.

And now I’ve turned my attention to the founding of the city and its life and development up to the US Civil War. Let’s call this new endeavor

Mapping Early Washington.


These subdivisions are available as a layer on HistoryQuestDC.